There are many arguments in favour of hydroelectricity. Its overall efficiency greatly exceeds that of photovoltaic, solar and wind systems:

Hydroelectric power is profitable:

  • Hydroelectricity = tried and tested technologies
  • Attractive specific costs
  • Greater availability and productivity compared to other renewable energy sources
  • Reliable operation: low running and maintenance costs
  • Extremely long-lasting equipment (up to 80 years!)

Hydroelectric power promotes independence:

  • Rising prices for conventional energy sources
  • Difficulties connecting to electricity grids, which may be far away from the user

Hydroelectric power is eco-friendly:

  • No waste means no pollution
  • Low impact on the natural environment

Hydroelectric power contributes to development:

  • Due to the spread of hydroelectric resources throughout the world
  • Energy = a key to development for isolated rural populations, in terms of health, education, lighting, heating, cooling, communication, etc.