Complete turbo-generator groups

In addition to hydraulic turbines and control systems, JLA Hydro has major experience of designing turnkey turbo-generator groups, which are specially tailored to the characteristics of the site and the customer’s needs.

We provide complete turbo-generator groups, which are mounted on chassis and ready for connection to the water supply. These groups usually consist of:

  • A metal support chassis
  • The turbine, with the necessary parts for connection to the penstock and tailrace
  • The transmission system between the turbine and electrical generator (belt-pulley transmission, semi-flexible coupling or step-up gears)
  • An electrical generator (asynchronous or synchronous)
  • An electrical enclosure for connection to the grid or generation on isolated sites
  • Turbine vanes control system (electrical, hydraulic or manual)
  • A regulation and/or remote-control system, which can range from very simple to highly complex