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Simon Cuvelier

Simon CUVELIER is a civil engineer trained in electro-mechanics. In 2006, he joined with Mr WILLOT to found JLA & Co. Mr CUVELIER works on the manufacture, marketing, installation of JLA products and developing the company’s range of products.

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Jean-Luc Willot

Jean-Luc Willot is a technician, specialising in automation. He has worked in the hydroelectricity sector for over 25 years. He has been involved in a wide range of hydroelectric projects, in terms of providing both equipment and the necessary designs. By working on many occasions as a hydropower expert in countries in the southern hemisphere, Jean-Luc has gained a global vision of energy-related problems in developing countries. He is also the owner of two hydroelectric power plants in Belgium.


Thierry Demaret

Since 2008, trained mechanic Thierry Demaret has worked on the manufacture of JLA turbine components.

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Simon Sepulchre

Simon SEPULCHRE, civil engineer in mechanics, came to reinforce the team in 2012. With an external glance and the experience gained among large industrialists, Mr. Sepulchre arrives at the good moment to support the increasing workload of the company. In addition to the assistance which he brings to his partners, his goal will be the development of the activities of the company.

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