The energy context

- In the southern hemisphere countries

Access to power — and especially electricity — represents a major development lever, as it promotes economic growth, as well as the health and education sectors. It makes it possible to improve living conditions for populations in the southern hemisphere. In many regions, which are not connected to the electricity grid, renewable energies are used because fossil energies are expensive and difficult to obtain.


- In the industrialised countries

As energy consumption is constantly increasing, sustainable development means that we have to reassess our energy production methods and use renewable energy sources.

Of these renewable energy sources, hydroelectric power is one of the best option to promote : far superior in terms of availability, profitability and much cleaner than all other renewable energies.


Our company

Hydraulic energy is the core expertise of Ets Willot JLA, a small family company, which has specialised in hydroelectric equipment since the 1980’s. Based on this long-standing experience, the company’s objective is to provide, on a daily basis, appropriate technical solutions for every situation.

In 2006, in order to respond to demand from its increasing customer portfolio, Ets Willot J.L.A. expanded to become JLA & Co sprl.

JLA & Co is growing company, which specialises in: 

  • Hydroenergetic expertise
  • Design, manufacture and installation of tailor-made turbo-generator groups:
    • JLA Cross-Flow Turbines (up to 150 kW)
    • JLAR control systems for isolated operation
    • Turnkey turbo-generator groups
      • Connected to the national grid
      • Isolated from the grid