Products & Services

Every site is different. Every river is unique. We therefore have to design tailor-made turbo-generator groups, which are suited to each situation.

Our strengths to achieve this challenge: major flexibility and sound experience in the field of micro-hydroelectricity.


JLA Hydro offers the following products and services:

  • JLA cross-flow turbines (up to 150 kW)
  • Control and automatic systems
  • Turnkey turbo-generator groups
    • For connection to the national grid
    • For island operation
  • Hydropower expertise
    • Preparatory and technical feasibility studies
    • Recommendations for the design of civil works
    • Management and planning of micro-hydroelectricity projects
    • Refurbishment of hydroelectric power plants (up to 1,000 kW)
    • Training in hydroelectric power plant management and maintenance
    • After-sales service for JLA products